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Kokuyo Gloo : glue stick

Kokuyo Gloo : glue stick

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The Kokuyo Gloo Glue Stick combines functionality with design. Its square shape prevents accidental rolling, ensuring precise application along page edges. The blue glue stick indicates coverage, drying clear and disappearing within minutes and the orange glue stick provides wrinkle free application. While the airtight cap preserves freshness, preventing drying and cap gumming after use.


• plastic container
• acid-free, archival quality


• length 8.8cm
• width 2cm
• depth 2cm


make a collage of joyous images


made in Japan

Over the years, Kokuyo has developed various products that enrich lives. The company understands the joy of opening a fresh new notebook, seeing the blank page, and putting pen to paper to let ideas flow. Whether through stationery, furniture, or spatial design, Kokuyo has consistently helped individuals unleash their inner creativity. The belief is that creation is an expression of uniqueness, contributing to a better future. Kokuyo remains committed to stimulating people's inner creativity to bring out their distinctiveness.

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